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A fools paradise

A fools paradise

It’s a reflection of modern times
It feels like your vision is split between two different ideals
Man, I’d rather be in paradise kicking it
But the city, work, etc… has got me stuck
So looking at paradise in a fast world
Is sometimes like looking at a mirage
You really do see it and want to be there
But the real time has locked you down in
The rat race,


Insight – gezien in een winkelruit

One Comment

  1. Who dares to step out of the rat race?
    Why do I run?
    What is real?

    I stepped out of the world rat race, found myself another race, smaller but more intensive…
    Finally when ideas and dreams were tested with reality I was forced to stop running…. yeah were to?
    From within I struggled with some questions:
    What am I worth when I do nothing? No status, no salary only my presence…
    I realized:
    I am not locked down in time, time is a clock, a reverence? There is daylight and night, that is not time.
    I am a small spic in a enormous universe, one of the many.
    What do I know?
    The more I experience the less I seem to know.
    Words can lock you down, may wake you up or fall a sleep to forget.

    Freedom of choice is what we all “have”, it differs how we use it individually….

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